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Life as a procurement professional is full of different challenges. Sourcing in a new product and service category; evaluating references of a first-time supplier to your agency; balancing deadlines with prioritizing small, local and historically underutilized businesses. 
Let Procurated be your Swiss Army knife, armed at the ready for the problem-of-the-day.

1. Rate and Review Suppliers to Share with your Peers

Among many other uses, Procurated is a supplier feedback tool. Public sector professionals can use Procurated to share feedback about suppliers they work with. From your best supplier experiences to the vendors that kept you up at night, use Procurated to rate and review all of the suppliers in your portfolio. Your feedback contributes to the growing supplier review pool and directly helps other Procurated users researching that supplier. 
Click here to watch a short tutorial on how to write a supplier review, or jump straight to the review form to start sharing feedback about a vendor. 

2. Find High-Quality Suppliers Backed by Peer Reviews

In addition to sharing supplier feedback, Procurated offers a robust supplier search directory. Search by supplier name or product/service category and be met with dozens of relevant suppliers to select from. Then, click through to the supplier page to learn more about their offerings and read reviews submitted by your peers in the public sector. 
Prioritizing small, local, and historically underutilized businesses? Procurated has you covered. Filter by business designation to quickly find SMBs and HUBs that match your search. Sign up and login to your account to start searching

3. Communicate Directly with Your Fellow Procurement Professionals

In addition to reading reviews written by your peers, Procurated makes it easy for you to connect with other purchasers throughout the buying process. Direct messaging enables you to ask follow-up questions about specific reviews, connect if a contract management question comes up, or simply network and build relationships with other leaders in the industry. 
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4. Free Access to Educational Procurement Content

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  Alex Stonehouse

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