The Procurated Promise

Procurated was created by procurement professionals, for procurement professionals, and we are committed to making sure you can be completely candid about your experience with suppliers on our platform. Procurated is a closed system that requires users to be authenticated before posting a completed review, and suppliers do not have access to the platform.

To ensure that your information is secure, we have created the Procurated Promise, a system for protecting you and the information that you post to Procurated.com.

We verify that all users are who they say they are, and that they work for governments, educational institutions, or non-profits, before posting their completed reviews on Procurated.com.

Identity protection
When writing a review on Procurated.com, you have the option to submit the review with your name and organization, or you can submit a review anonymously without any identifying information displayed. If you submit anonymously, any contact information you provide is for our internal use only, and we only use it to verify that you are a legitimate government purchaser.

The primary purpose of the Procurated platform is to allow procurement professionals to share information with each other in a way that was nearly impossible before. To protect your ability to share honest, unfiltered information suppliers do not have access to the information in your reviews. 

We know this is an amazing community and we trust you to operate fairly. The integrity of the platform comes first and foremost, and we understand that some people could try to misuse the platform for their own gain, which is why we continue to take serious measures to prevent any foul play. If you see anything that violates the Procurated Promise or seems out of line, please let us know. 
  Becca Moran

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