The Importance of Knowledge Capture and Effective Communication in the Public Sector with Olivia Duke, CFO of GA DCS

This episode of Decisions that Matter, a Procurated podcast, features a great interview with Olivia Duke, the Chief Financial Officer for Georgia Department of Community Supervision. Olivia shares both strategic and tactical thoughts on a range of topics including procurement, communicating across agencies and internally across departments, the importance capturing institutional knowledge, and hiring the next wave of government leaders.

This episode is also brought to you by NIGP, the institute for Public Procurement. This coming August and September NIGP will be incubating big ideas with daily impact at the premier public procurement event of the year. Visit NIGP.org/events to register for Virtual Forum August 23-26, and the New NIGP Forum Leadership Summit, September 11-14. I hope you enjoy this one.
  Alex Stonehouse

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