Recruiting the Next Generation of Public Procurement Leaders with Darin Matthews

Thank you for listening to Decisions that Matter, a public Procurement Podcast brought to you by Procurated

On this episode it is our pleasure to be joined by author, director, consultant, podcaster, and all around great procurement mind, Darin Matthews. On this episode we have a great discussion about nurturing and hiring the next generation of procurement leaders, the future of procurement technology, and much more. In addition to being a great guest, Darin is also a great podcast host on his show, The Evolution of Procurement.

Darin has also been deeply involved with NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement over the years, and Procurated is happy to announce that we are partnering with NIGP to donate $5 to the NIGP member scholarship for supplier every review you write on the Procurated site
  Alex Stonehouse

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