Procurement Concierge Program in Nebraska | Interview with Program Participant Kione Lowe

Tune in to hear from Kione Lowe, co-founder and Company Manager at Kica Logistics in Omaha and an early participant in Nebraska's Procurement Concierge Program. In this interview, Kione shares: 

  1. How she learned about the Procurement Concierge Program and what her experience has been so far
  2. What had prevented Kica Logistics from winning government business in the past
  3. What winning a government contract would mean for both Kica Logistics as well as for other women looking to break into the freight industry. 

This interview with Kione is one of many with Procurement Concierge Program stakeholders in Nebraska. Click to read the Government Procurement Magazine article inspired by this interview, "Expanding Opportunities: Nebraska's Bold Procurement Concierge Program" and watch our interview with Nebraska Chief Procurement Officer Doug Carlson

  David Yarkin

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