Procurated's Focus on Community, Technology and Data Drives Innovation

Earlier this month, the team visited Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for the PA Procurement Expo to showcase Procurated's supplier rating and review platform in front of hundreds of state and local procurement professionals. After two days of using our tool to write candid supplier reviews in real time, purchasers from state and local governments determined that Procurated was the Most Innovative Company at the conference.

At Procurated, we engage in purpose-driven innovation that leads to positive outcomes and increased efficiency for procurement professionals, because at our core we believe in the importance of: 

Bringing the Procurement Community Together through Technology
The power of the rating and review platform is driven by the immense expertise of the procurement professionals that gather on Procurated.com every day to share their past supplier experiences. Purchasers in state and local governments and educational institutions have years, and often decades, of experience working directly with suppliers, and now the barriers keeping them from easily communicating and learning from each other efficiently have been removed.

Creating Efficiency by Increasing Collaboration
Because so many purchasers are proactively sharing candid ratings and reviews for past suppliers, both good and bad, procurement professionals across the community are able to save time and effort when vetting suppliers while gaining access to in-depth information to help them make the best possible decisions. 

The process of properly vetting a supplier used to take days, or even weeks, and involved dozens of calls and emails to peers across the procurement community in hopes that someone might be able to provide an honest review about a supplier. But now that labor-intensive process can be done in minutes on Procurated.com. Purchasers have instant access to supplier ratings and reviews, and can easily communicate with their peers to get more information about suppliers through the comment and messaging functionality on the platform.

Learning from Data and User Feedback
The Procurated team is constantly learning and looking for ways to incorporate new insights into the rating and review platform to provide the best possible user experience. Whether it is from trends we see  in the supplier data, or feedback we get directly from procurement professionals, we always hope that you share any comments or concerns to help us build a platform that is as helpful and trusted as possible. 

From the start, Procurated has been focused on bringing a tool to the market that helps purchasers choose high-quality suppliers, because when it comes to procurement, every decision matters. 

  Alex Stonehouse

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