Procurated Ratings Guide

Procurated’s supplier evaluation tool is based upon a rating scale of 1 to 5 stars. By combining quantitative ratings with qualitative written reviews, Procurated helps procurement professionals make the most informed purchasing decisions possible.  

To make your reviews accurate and helpful to the community, please reference the definitions and examples for each star rating below:   

5 Star Rating: “Excellent”  

5-star suppliers create a tangible and often measurable impact for your organization and/or community. 5-star suppliers are true partners and you would recommend them in a heartbeat. 

Example: Recently we have begun to implement sustainability measures and I am blown away by this supplier's program. They have totally set the bar for all other major resellers. They make 'going green' so EASY!  

4 Star Rating: “Very Good”  

4-star suppliers do most everything right. Their product or service performs as expected, is priced fairly, and arrives on time. The supplier communicates well and addresses any challenges that arise in a reasonable amount of time. You can count on this supplier.  

Example: They have all the supplies I need. If they don’t have it in stock, they can usually get it for me anyway. Their products are of commercial quality, and they last longer than the same products from other vendors.
3 Star Rating: “Average” 

3-star suppliers get the job done. Their strengths generally balance out their weaknesses. When reviewing a 3-star supplier, it's helpful to provide the strengths and weaknesses you experienced so buyers know which areas they should (and shouldn’t) leverage the supplier for. 

Example: The quality of their services and products are fine, but sometimes the customer service is lacking. Sometimes orders fall through the cracks and you have to follow up and ask what happened to the order. 

2 Star Rating: “Not Good” 

2-star suppliers do not meet the expectations of the bid. Whether it is consistently late deliveries, difficult customer service, or poor quality products, you can’t count on this supplier to perform how you need them to.   

Example: The products were fine, but the service was terrible. We were working under a state contract and we ordered the lumber in July, and we received it in January. The personnel were not very helpful either. 

1 Star Rating: “Poor” 

1-star suppliers completely fail to deliver on the expectations of the bid. Working with a 1-star supplier often creates problems for the organization and/or community. If another public entity was considering working with this supplier, you would not recommend them.  

Example: About a year into owning a truck bed from this supplier, the welds broke and the bed almost fell off the truck. When we approached them they did repair it, but when I went to pick it up there were still broken welds on it that they had not fixed so I had to wait around for them to do it. 2-3 months later there were more welds that had broken. We had to take it elsewhere to have it fixed properly and the supplier would not reimburse us for the cost of having it fixed properly. 

Rating Subcategories 

Once you have given the supplier an overall rating, use the same logic to rate the supplier on each of the four subcategories:  

  • Customer Service: How easy or hard was it to do business with the individuals you worked with? Was the supplier responsive to any issues that arose while working together? Was the supplier open and honest throughout the procurement process?  
  • Pricing / Value: Did the supplier charge a fair and reasonable price for the work they completed or the goods they provided? Do you feel like you got a good deal and got what you paid for? Did pricing remain consistent with their bid response, or were there unexpected price increases?  
  • Quality: Did the goods or services delivered meet or exceed your expectations and the specifications outlined in the contract?  
  • Timeliness: Did the supplier meet all agreed upon deadlines and deliver the final product or services on-time? For long-term contracts did they meet scheduled project milestones?  

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  Alex Stonehouse

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