Procurated FAQs

1. What exactly is Procurated? 
Understanding vendor past performance is critical to making the right supplier decision. Which is why we created Procurated, an online community that connects the public sector with peer-reviewed suppliers. Procurated users primarily use the site to 1) share supplier feedback by rating and reviewing and 2) search for suppliers and evaluate them by reading peer reviews.  

2. Who is allowed on Procurated? 
Procurated is exclusively for the public sector. Every person who signs up for Procurated is manually vetted, and only verified government, education, nonprofit, and healthcare employees gain access.  

3. Who will see my review?  
Because Procurated is a private site, your review will only be seen by other verified Procurated users who work in the public sector. Your review is not searchable by Google and will not be shared publicly.  If you’d rather not attach your name to your review, you have the option to publish your review anonymously.  

4. Will the supplier see my review? 
That’s totally up to you! Choosing to share your review with the supplier enables them address your experience and improve future performance. But, we know there are times when you'd prefer the supplier to not see your review, so we will always give you that choice.

Note: Supplier visibility preference is a new site feature, launched in February 2021. Prior to February 2021, no reviews were visible to suppliers. If you wrote a review before February 2021, it will remain private. Suppliers do not have access to the government portion of the site, so they do not have access to general reviews, only the specific reviews users purposefully shared with suppliers. All users moving forward will have the ability to choose their own supplier visibility preferences.

5. I’m not sure I am the right person to review this supplier. 
If you awarded the bid, manage the contract, make regular purchases, or use the product – you are a strong candidate to review this supplier. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself; as with any other review site, your review is one of many for the organization. Sharing your experience – big or small – helps your fellow buyers better understand vendor past performance.

And, who says only one person per organization can review a contract? If there is someone else in your organization who has a different perspective on the supplier relationship, invite them to review that supplier on Procurated, too.

6. Does it cost money to use Procurated?

There is no cost for public sector employees to sign up and use Procurated. That's right, it's free to use! We don't want to create any obstacle to make it difficult for our friends in the public sector to write or read reviews about suppliers.

Have a question that's not on this list? Reach me directly at Bernadette@procurated.com and I will get you an answer!
  Bernadette Launi

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