Interview | An Optimistic Procurement Future: Maine's Jaime Schorr and The Perfect Opportunity

Procurated CEO David Yarkin conducts an interview with Jaime Schorr, Chief Procurement Officer of The State of Maine.

Many in procurement have called the past 21 months 'The Perfect Storm' – with COVID procurements and broken supply chains exhausting even the most indefatigable procurement professionals.But if you talk to Jaime, chief procurement officer in Maine and 2022 president-elect of National Association of State Procurement Officials, she might call it 'The Perfect Opportunity.'

As a result of the past year and a half, leaders of other government functions recognize the importance of procurement to accomplish their goals and initiatives. Tune in as she discusses building more inclusive purchasing pipelines, adopting new technologies, investing in the development of the profession, and more. You can also read the summary in Government Procurement Magazine.

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