Fall 2020 Procurement Trends Survey Results

On this episode of Decisions That Matter, co-hosts Alex Stonehouse and Bernadette Launi dove into the results of the Fall Procurement Trends Survey to analyze the current trends in procurement, and the changes in priority since the previous survey from Summer of 2020 according to public procurement leaders from across the country. You can see results of the fall 2020 survey below. 

In September 2020, our team reached out to procurement officials across state and local governments, higher education, non-profits, and healthcare to survey their status and future outlook heading into the end of the calendar year.  The results of the survey are in, and we are excited to share our top findings with you below.

Which best describes the type of public sector organization you work for?
  • City Government (25.6%)
  • County Government (20.8%)
  • State Government (16.3%)
  • K-12 Education (14.0%)
  • Non-profit (7.0%)

What are the most important topics your organization is focused on over the next six months? 
  • Procurement office budget/funding (41.9%)
  • New social distancing and remote work policies (37.2%)
  • Cooperative Purchasing (37.2%)
  • Savings (37.2%)
  • Staffing Levels and/or Staff Ability (34.9%)
  • eProcurement (20.9%)
  • Inventory Management and Warehousing (20.9%)

Which goods and services are most important to you in response to COVID-19?
  • Cleaning and disinfectant supplies (86.0%)
  • Medical supplies including PPE and First Aid (48.8%)
  • Social distancing and separation technology (30.2%)
  • Remote work IT hardware (25.6%)
  • Remote work IT software (16.3%)
  • Remote work video technology (16.3%)
  • Police and security services (14.0%)

Do you anticipate a budget shortfall within the next six months?
  • Yes (55.8%)
  • No (44.2%)

Do you anticipate being understaffed within the next six months?
  • Yes (39.5%)
  • No (60.5%)

Have you worked with a new supplier to procure COVID-19-related goods or services since the start of 2020?
  • Yes (53.5%)
  • No (46.5%)

Generally, how would you rate the performance of your existing, pre-COVID suppliers during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Great (11.6%)
  • Good (51.2%)
  • Average (27.9%)
  • Below Average (9.3%)
  • Poor (0%)

Thank you again for everyone that participated in the survey! We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience and insights with us. Please be on the the lookout for additional analysis and trends about the key issues and topics facing procurement in the coming weeks.

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  Bernadette Launi

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