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5 Reasons to Leave a Review on Procurated

Whether you have worked in procurement for months, years, or decades, chances are your vendor selection process includes the ol’ reference check. Three quick and glowing conversations later, you check that box, process paperwork, and kick off the partnership…often still without clear insight into what it is actually going to be like to work with the supplier.  

What if there was a better way?  

Procurated, the largest ratings and reviews platform for verified government purchasers, was created to increase collaboration, transparency, and accountability in the vendor selection process. Using Procurated, verified buyers can leave – and access – candid supplier reviews.  

In case you’re still not convinced, here are 5 reasons to leave a supplier review on Procurated: 

1. Peer reviews put an end to cherry-picked references 

In the typical reference check process, the power lies largely with the supplier. Knowing that references play a strong role in the decision-making process, supplier-provided references are often cherry-picked and not representative of the supplier’s overall performance. 

By leaving a review, you help even the playing field. Candid and honest reviews – not hand-picked references – give real insight into what it is really like to work with a supplier under consideration. 

2. Give a penny, take a penny 

You know that little tray that sits by the register at the grocery or hardware store? The concept is as comforting as it is practical – leave a penny for someone that needs it, trusting that one will be there when the time comes that you need a penny. The system is built on strong community values and is dependent on people’s willingness to add value before they receive it personally.  

The same concept applies to leaving a review on Procurated (except you and I know we’re talking about more than just pennies).  

The personal payoff is the ability to access reviews to inform a vendor purchase for your department. For that to happen, there needs to be reviews there for you to access. By leaving a supplier review now, you add to the community and help a peer who needs to read that review. And trust that others are doing the same. 

When most (or even just some) of community members are willing to ‘leave a penny,’ you are all be able to reap the benefits of a robust ratings and reviews platform. Leave a review, take a review. 

3. Support your favorite suppliers (and vice versa) 

Who is the supplier you look forward to working with most, and why? 

There’s a reason a supplier selects their happiest customers to serve as their references – past performance is indicative of future performance. Positive reviews reassure buyers and increase their trust in the likelihood the supplier can get the job done for their department, too.  

Positive reviews in a vacuum can be misleading (see #1). But if you have had a stellar experience with a supplier, leaving a review on Procurated can go a long way to support the continued success of a well-deserving business.  

This concept applies in the reverse, too. If you’ve had a negative experience with a supplier, leave a review to help your fellow buyers avoid a similar experience. While it can be uncomfortable to leave a negative review, keep the long view in mind: candid reviews force suppliers to address their shortcomings head-on (or not, and face the consequences to their reputation and bottom line).  

Both are successes for the procurement community. 

4. Build your procurement network 

Up until now, procurement officials have been siloed by region, agency type, or level of government. Outside of a handful of national conferences, buyers often have a network limited to their geographical region and individuals they have met face-to-face. Procurated eliminates those artificial barriers, so a buyer from a K-12 school district in Missouri can connect with a higher education CPO in Washington in a way they never would have before. 

By signing up for Procurated, you join a nationwide community of public sector buyers just like you. You’ll be able to add others to your network, read their reviews of suppliers, and direct message them to ask follow-up questions about their supplier experiences.  

There’s more: Leaving reviews on our site will earn you access to new perks such as exclusive user forums, new beta features, and more to help you take your departments’ procurement to the next level. 

5. Build your personal brand and elevate your procurement department 

You are an expert in this field. Procurated provides a platform for you to share your voice and grow the reputation of your procurement department by sharing your insights with the growing network. Leaving a review is the easiest way to share your knowledge with a growing and eager community. 

We want to help amplify your voice beyond the platform, too. We're always on the lookout for opportunities to celebrate procurement wins and create informative content for the community. By being an active reviewer, you'll have the opportunity to be a guest on The Decisions that Matter Podcast, be featured in a blog post, and more. 

Leave a review on Procurated today 

Whether one or five of these reasons resonated with you, take 2 minutes to review a supplier today. Because Every Decision Matters.  

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Procurated helps public sector buyers make more informed buying decisions through peer reviews. It is completely free to use.

Write and read reviews, find new suppliers, manage vendor performance and more!