Procurated Ratings Guide

Procurated’s supplier evaluation tool is based upon a rating scale of 1 to 5 stars. By combining quantitative ratings with qualitative written reviews, Procurated helps procurement professionals make the most informed purchasing decisions possible.  

Ratings on Procurated.com include an overall score, from 1 to 5 stars, as well as ratings for customer service, pricing and value, quality, and timeliness.  

  • Overall Rating – How was your overall experience working with the supplier? Were you generally satisfied with the products or services they provided?
  • Customer Service – Were the individuals you worked with from the supplier easy to do business with? Was the supplier responsive to any issues that arose while working together? Was the supplier open and honest throughout the procurement process? 
  • Pricing / Value – Did the supplier charge a fair and reasonable price for the work they completed or the goods they provided? Do you feel like you got a good deal and got what you paid for?  
  • Quality  - Did the goods or services delivered meet or exceed your expectations and the specifications outlined in the contract?  
  • Timeliness – Did the supplier meet all agreed upon deadlines and deliver the final product or services on-time? For long-term contracts did they meet scheduled project milestones?   
Beyond the overall 5-star rating system, and the four sub-categories, you also have the freedom to write as much or as little as you would like to provide additional insight into your experience with a specific supplier.  You can write about your overall experience, give specific explanations using facts and real-life examples, or clarify information you would like your peers in the procurement community to know.  

  Alex Stonehouse

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