3 Tips for Your Next Supplier Review

Procurated was created to help buyers make more informed procurement decisions through peer reviews. Reviews that describe buyers as “wonderful to work with” and “have incredible customer service,” or that call out supplier deficiencies by noting “slow delivery” and “difficult customer service” are certainly useful for buyers searching for their next supplier.  

But when it comes to selecting the best supplier, what kind of statements give buyers actionable insight and information that can be used to make a final decision? 

Keep these three simple tips in mind to raise the bar on your next supplier review: 

1. Compelling supplier reviews are…relatable. 

When browsing reviews, buyers are looking for details that relate to their current project at hand.  For example, a supplier who did a fantastic job constructing a new parking lot for a suburban middle school may not have the same track record for highways in a congested metropolitan area.  

When writing a review, try to provide context such as the type of agency you work for or the specific products and services you purchased. These details make it easier for buyers to quickly identify the reviews that are most relevant to their search, and trust that they’ll have a similar experience, too.  

2. Compelling supplier reviews are…specific.  

Reviews that reference specific events and experiences are more impactful and memorable than generic statements alone. 

Saying, “they go above and beyond to meet our needs” in a review is useful, but it does not help a buyer differentiate between two suppliers that both have good ratings. Instead, share specific details that show proof of that customer service in action, like this review of a medical products supplier:  

“Great customer service. If I have to call them late on a Friday because someone is coming in, they are usually here in about an hour.”  

To jog your memory of these specific experiences, ask yourself these seven questions before reviewing a supplier.  

3. Compelling supplier reviews…have a clear takeaway 

Buyers read reviews to inform procurement decisions. A well-written review should inspire action in the purchaser: they are interested in learning more about that supplier, and maybe even prepared to invite them to bid on a contract; or, they are able to determine that this supplier isn’t the best fit for their project, and move on to the next supplier in their search.  

While writing “recommend” or “would not recommend” is valuable, consider taking your feedback one step further. For what sorts of projects would you recommend them for? Where does this supplier’s expertise and true value lie?  

Check out this one review for a software solutions company:  

We use [specific program name]. They were awarded the contract for facility management. This contract award allows us to be compliant with purchasing laws, but we're also a big fan of the system they offer. They provide us with trial runs for new products or services they're trying to incorporate and they're on top of a lot of things. 

This review recommends the supplier specifically for their facilities management program. They share several reasons why they would recommend: compliance with purchasing laws, ability to try new features on a trial basis, and a motivated team. If you are considering this system, and these factors are also important for your office, this review makes pursuing more information a no-brainer.  

Get started on your next review! 

Keep these three elements in mind, and you’ll be on your way to giving your fellow buyers great insight into working with a supplier. To leave your next supplier review, visit www.Procurated.com/review
  Bernadette Launi

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