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10 Reasons to Subscribe to the Decisions That Matter Podcast

Decisions That Matter brings together leaders and experts from across the procurement community to share their experiences and provide actionable tips that you can apply on the job. The decisions you make every day have an immediate impact on your end users, and on every citizen, so we want to share with you as much knowledge as we can every week. Listen and subscribe to the podcast on any of your favorite platforms, including: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, RadioPublic, Stitcher and Breaker.

If you need more convincing, here are ten reasons why you should subscribe to Decisions That Matter:

1) Timely Advice on Important Topics: The demands placed on Procurement are all evolving faster than ever before, along with the rest of the world, and Decisions That Matter is here to help you stay ahead of the curve.  Listen to a recent episode about Planning Ahead in the COVID-Response Era.

2) Regular Content from The Buying Bunch:  The Buying Bunch is a group of former Chief Procurement Officer's with over 150 years of collective public procurement experience that we brought together for group discussions as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The format worked so well that we kept it going. Recent episodes on Cooperative Purchasing and The Transition to Teleworking have been fan favorites, as was one of our first episodes with Mike Smith, the former CPO of Illinois, about the key differences between single- and multiple-award procurement.

3) Interviews with Procurement Leaders from State & Local Governments: No public procurement podcast would be complete without active voices from across the country. On past episodes we have talked with respected leaders like Cheral Manke, CPPO, CPPB from the State of Washington and the Chief Procurement Officer of Plano, Texas, Diane Palmer-Boeck. 

4) Interviews with Procurement Leaders from Educational Institutions (Higher Ed & K-12): Part two of our episode on Teleworking does a great job of contrasting state and local government needs with those of higher education. We are also lucky to have Judy Smith, the former Director of Procurement for The University of Michigan, on our team. She meets with dozens of colleges and universities every year, so there is nobody better when it comes to education procurement. 

5) Interviews with Procurement Leaders from Non-Profits: Non-profits often experience a lot of the same issues that local governments and educational institutions do, but they don't necessarily have the same access to procurement information and resources through organizations that focus on specific levels of government or education. Decisions That Matter is a resource for non-profits to learn from, and we will have future guests from the non-profit world. 

6) Interviews with Procurement Leaders from Public Healthcare: Repairing the broken healthcare supply chains is going to continue to be a topic of high importance in the coming months, and we will expand on our COVID-19 Episode by convering healthcare procurement as information about the pandemic evolves.

7) Interviews with The Procurated Team: Procurated's Senior Director of Product Management, Becca Moran, sat down with Decisions That Matter host, Alex Stonehouse, to discuss how Procurated's platform is bridging the gap between technology and procurement to bring transparency to the supplier review process. We will continue to record episodes with the former CPOs and procurement experts on our team, including executives like Procurated Founder and CEO, David Yarkin.

8) Updates on How Procurated Can Help You and Your Team: Our team works tirelessly to make sure that the Procurated platform is as useful as possible for you and your peers, and we want to make sure you can use the platform efficiently and effectively. We will occasionally alert you of significant updates or features that have been added to the site for you to utilize.

9) Audio Articles: We all love a good article, but it's not always easy to find time to read. Audio articles are a great way to get free content while you are commuting or exercising. One of our most popular episodes is this audio article from Jason Soza, the former Chief Procurement Officer of Alaska, where he reads from his article, "Embrace the 'Why?'", about the importance of thinking critically and outside-the-box to improve procurement.

10) The Public Procurement Report and Trend Analysis: Because we meet with hundreds of CPOs across the country every year, we have our pulse on the topics and issues that are most important to procurement leaders. We regularly publish new Public Procurement Reports to highlight the emerging trends and changes from previous reports. Once the report is published our team hops on the podcast to explain the key findings, and it makes for good listening. 

We hope you enjoy listening to Decisions That Matter, and if you have any suggestions for guests or topics that you would like to see us cover on future episodes, please let me know directly at alex@procurated.com. Thank you for subscribing! 

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Procurated helps public sector buyers make more informed buying decisions through peer reviews. It is completely free to use.

Write and read reviews, find new suppliers, manage vendor performance and more!