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Procurated's Focus on Community, Technology and Data Drives Innovation
Purpose-driven innovation leads to positive outcomes and increased efficiency for procurement professionals.
The Procurated Promise
You can be completely candid about your experience with suppliers on Procurated.com.
Episode 2: Single vs. Multiple Award Procurement with Mike Smith
The former CPO of Illinois, Mike Smith, discusses the key differences between single and multiple award procurement.
Procurated Ratings Guide
Learn more about rating high-quality suppliers on Procurated.com.
Procurated Community Guidelines
Procurated's community guidelines were made to ensure that everyone in the Procurated community has a positive experience.
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Listen and subscribe to Decisions That Matter on your favorite audio platform.
Episode 1: Washington's Cheral Manke, CPPO, CPPB
Listen to Cheral Manke, CPPO, CPPB discuss strategies for increasing innovation and adopting new technologies in procurement.
Episode 3: The Public Procurement Report with Nicole Smith
We cover the key takeaways from the Public Procurement Report with GSS's Nicole Smith.
COVID-19 Response Survey Results
In June 2020, our team reached out to procurement officials across state and local governments, higher education, non-profits, and healthcare to...
Episode 4: "Embrace the 'Why?'" by Jason Soza, an Audio Article
Procurement leaders must embrace the “Why?” along with the ideas and solutions that come with asking the question.
Inclusive Procurement and Procurated. It’s in our DNA.
Procurated is using modern technology to help expand opportunities for historically underutilized businesses across America.
4 Steps to Improve Diversity and Inclusion in Pennsylvania's State Government
Podcast: The New Era of Cooperative Purchasing
Listen to The Buying Bunch discuss Cooperative Purchasing in the Coronavirus Era
New Product Feature: Request a Review
The Request Review button helps you get information about suppliers that may not be reviewed on the Procurated platform yet.
Podcast: Is Teleworking Here to Stay?
What can procurement offices do now to best prepare for the future?
Top 5 Procurement Tips for Planning Ahead
Due to the pandemic, planning has taken on an urgency we’ve not seen previously. So what can we do now?
Decisions That Matter Podcast - Episode 6 - COVID Response
Learn from the experiences of six former CPOs.
10 Reasons to Subscribe to the Decisions That Matter Podcast
DTM features in-depth discussions with procurement leaders & SMEs on the the most pressing topics in the public sector.
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