Technical.ly DC Diaries: Alex Stonehouse, director of marketing at Procurated

This post originally appeared here on Technical.ly. Tune in above to the full 20-minute conversation between Technical.ly's Michelai Graham and our own Alex Stonehouse.

“Marketing can get sort of a bad rep when you think about click-bait and all these different things that get associated with it. But really at the end of the day, we’re trying to tell the Procurated story so that we can actually help people have an easier time with their jobs.”

That’s from Alex Stonehouse, who got his start in D.C.’s professional world with a job in The Washington Post’s marketing and branding department. He now runs marketing at Procurated, a tech company that manages a digital platform that allows public sector organizations to incorporate peer reviews into their supplier selection process.

Stonehouse is the most recent honoree from Technical.ly DC’s RealLIST Connectors who I interviewed for Technical.ly DC Diaries, our new video series featuring interviews with local founders, technologists and startup leaders. The conversations are hosted by me, Technical.ly DC Market Editor Michelai Graham, and explore various topics including how these folks got their start in technology or entrepreneurship and what keeps them going. Check out more episodes here.

Procurated’s platform aims to help state and local government, educational and nonprofit purchasers connect with the most qualified suppliers for their needs. On any given day, Stonehouse is trying to figure out how the company’s customers are interacting with its platform and coming up with ways to improve their efficiency online.

Stonehouse was running Procurated’s marketing efforts alone until a few months ago when marketing associate Bernadette Launi joined the company. He joined Procurated himself last summer as one of the company’s first key hires after previously working at Xometry, a Gaithersburg, Maryland-based on-demand manufacturing marketplace.

If you want to hear more about what keeps Stonehouse motivated and how he got to where he is today, check out our interview at the top of this page.