Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Procurated?

Procurated is a supplier ratings and reviews site for the public sector. The site was born from a challenge confounding public procurement departments for decades: how can you really understand the past performance of prospective suppliers? We've kicked cherry-picked reference checks to the curb by bringing the power of peer review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor to the public sector.

Home to more than 25,000 supplier ratings and reviews and counting, Procurated is the go-to place for public sector employees to learn more about suppliers that service government, education, nonprofit, and healthcare organizations

Who is allowed on Procurated?

Procurated is exclusively for public sector employees. Every person who signs up for Procurated is manually vetted using their work email address, and only verified government, education, nonprofit, and healthcare employees gain access. Please allow 1-2 business days from when you sign up for our team to verify your account and grant you access.

Who will see my review?

Because Procurated is a private site, your review will only be seen by other verified Procurated users who work in the public sector. Your review is not searchable by Google and will not be shared publicly. If you'd rather not attach your name to your review, you have the option to publish your review anonymously.

Will the supplier see my review?

That's totally up to you! When you submit a review, you will have the option to select "Make my review visible to the supplier." Choosing to share your review with the supplier enables them address your experience and improve future performance. But, we know there are times when you'd prefer the supplier to not see your review. We will always give you that choice

Note: Supplier visibility preference launched in February 2021. Prior to February 2021, no reviews were visible to suppliers. If you wrote a review before February 2021, it will remain private. All users moving forward will have the ability to choose their own supplier visibility preferences.

I'm not sure I am the right person to review this supplier.

As with any other review site, keep in mind that your review is one of many about the supplier. Share your experience with the contract, big or small. Whether you awarded the bid, manage the contract, make regular purchases, or use the product – your experience can provide much-needed insight to your peers considering this supplier.

And if there is someone else in your organization who has a different perspective on the supplier relationship, invite them to review that supplier on Procurated, too.

Does it cost money to use Procurated?

There is no cost for public sector employees to sign up and use Procurated. That's right, it's free to use! We don't want to create any obstacle to make it difficult for our friends in the public sector to write or read reviews about suppliers.

How can I trust that the reviews on Procurated are legitimate?

Only verified Procurated members can submit a supplier review. This security step ensures that every supplier review on Procurated has been submitted by a verified public sector employee who has confirmed their email with us. If you have any reason to believe that a review was written inappropriately, please send an email to support@procurated.com. All emails will be kept strictly confidential.

Can suppliers remove their businesses from Procurated?

Procurated is a rating and review platform aimed to empower the public procurement community by helping them find the information they need from the people they trust. In doing so, we display profiles for any business that is accessible by the public and that is of interest to public procurement professionals.

Procurated also aims to support the supplier community that serves the public sector and we encourage all businesses to see this as an opportunity to get more visibility on their business. While we understand that some business owners might prefer to keep a low profile, it’s important (and a legal right) for purchasers to be able to find and share helpful information about great businesses. Especially when making big purchasing decisions in public procurement!

Businesses can update or change the information on their supplier profile by claiming their page on Procurated.com. If you're a supplier and need any assistance please email our Supplier Solutions team at suppliersupport@procurated.com and they will be more than happy to help you!

How can I use Procurated?

Procurated can be used for:

  • Vendor comparison.
    • During your procurement selection process, you can type in the name of the suppliers who responded to your solicitation and see which have the highest or lowest scores, as rated by your peers who worked directly with those companies.
  • Vendor directory.
    • By searching for the category of products or services you're purchasing, Procurated will generate a list of the top-rated suppliers that serve your area. This is a great place to start when deciding who to solicit for an upcoming procurement. You can also look up vendors by different social and economic categories, including MBE, WBE and Veteran Owned Business Enterprises.
  • Cooperative purchasing decisions.
    • Since governments can award a contract to a vendor with a cooperative purchasing agreement, it may not always have a formal reference checking process baked into its decision. Users can access the Procurated ratings to check the past performance of their suppliers.

      If you have found another great ways to use Procurated, we'd love to hear about it. Email us at support@procurated.com.

My search didn't return any results.

We're working hard, but we are just getting started. Every day hundreds of your colleagues from state and local government, education, and non-profit offices across the country are providing honest reviews of their suppliers. Right now there are not enough reviews in every city to populate each category, so we are asking procurement officials in your area to write reviews so that we can provide useful information for every search.

We'd love your help! If you don't see any reviews of a supplier, select the ‘Request Review' button to ask us to help find reviews of that supplier for you.

What are the central tenets of Procurated?

  • We prioritize the needs of public procurement officials in all of our decisions.
  • We serve the broadest cross-section of government customers, and cater to the technology they use.
  • We value all government voices equally in reviews.
  • We treat all reviewed vendors fairly and equally.
  • We believe review writing should be easy, intuitive, fast and fun.

Why is it called "Procurated?"

Procurated is developed for procurement officials to be able to work with the suppliers that are rated highest by their fellow purchasing leaders. We married procurement and rated to produce Procurated. And since the tool will help you narrow your purchasing decisions down from many suppliers to a small number, we love the fact that Procurated provides you with a curated list, developed by and for procurement officials.

If you ever feel like we fall short on any of these goals, please feel free to email our Founder and CEO, David Yarkin, directly at d.yarkin@procurated.com.