Head of Marketing

The Company 
Buyers working for state and local governments and in public education spend $1.5T every year. These buyers procure the goods and services that support communities across the country but often, they are forced to do so with little to no information about the past performance of the suppliers they buy from. 

Why is it easier to find information about a restaurant on Yelp, or a hotel on TripAdvisor, than it is to find information about a supplier you’re considering for a multi-million-dollar government contract? 

At Procurated, we think there is a better way. Our rating and review platform empowers the public procurement community by helping them find the information they need from the people they trust.  
We launched our application in beta in June of 2019. Since then, we have collected over 34,000 reviews of 10,000 suppliers from 8,000 government buyers and have 7 partner states. We recently raised Series A venture capital to accelerate growth. This means we’ll be growing key functions across the organization to drive further platform adoption, user engagement, and revenue. 
The Role 
The Head of Marketing will be the senior-most marketing executive in the company during a period where success in driving rapid awareness, adoption of and engagement with the product is one of our highest priorities.  
The position reports directly to the CEO and will be a trusted member of his executive team. They will be a thought partner for the CEO and all executives in the company on key strategic decisions, including those outside of marketing. The Head of Marketing will have exposure to the company’s Board to report on progress on key marketing initiatives. 
The Head of Marketing will lead a team that originally consists of two strong, Washington-based marketing professionals who have a deep understanding of the problem we are solving and a good feel for our user community. The Head of Marketing will lead the recruitment of three additional marketing professionals in the next 15 months. 
We are looking for an experienced marketing leader to position our company for accelerated growth, lead a high caliber team, and represent the voice of our customers to shape our product and go-to-market efforts. As a ratings and reviews platform, the Procurated team has focused for its first 2+ years on gathering a critical mass of reviews for users to search. With 34,000 reviews now available on the platform, we are transitioning to the next phase of our business to drive traffic from a known community of users to the site. We are investing in marketing as a critical growth driver.  
To thrive in this role, you will have a passion for not only marketing, but also for leadership in a fast-paced, high growth startup that is seeking to make fundamental and positive change in a massive industry. Success in this role requires enthusiasm for pulling multiple levers, rapidly learning from each experiment, and using those learnings to drive engagement at scale. The company embraces experimentation, failure and learning as the necessary steps to success. 
Procurated sits in the middle of a dynamic two-sided market. On one side are state and local government, K-12 and higher education purchasers who collectively represent $1.5T in annual spending. On the other is a robust and active supplier community made up of Fortune 500 companies and small, diverse and women owned businesses. Our business imperative is to deliver value to both sides of the marketplace. As the leader of our marketing team, your job is to a) drive engagement with the government user base so they can make well-informed decisions on multi-million-dollar contracts and b) to support business development campaigns to drive revenue from the suppliers who can access a range of subscription offerings helping them grow their business in the government and education space. 
The most important dimensions for success in this role are: 
Category Design, brand, positioning, messaging: You enjoy immersing yourself in customers and the market. A week doesn’t go by without you talking to customers and others in your ecosystem for feedback to inform your marketing plan. You can translate the company’s vision and product offering into a compelling brand story and develop content assets that effectively resonate with all user segments. You create our company’s core positioning and messaging that differentiates us from others, explains and validates our category and offering, communicates our value, and drives new acquisition and retention. You lead the work to define the company’s voice, tone, visual identity and how you show up in the market, to customers and to employees. You have a keen sense for when to refresh the brand and narrative based on how the company is evolving, how the product is changing, and market/competitive dynamics. Since the best brand and message is useless unless it is heard by our users, you have experience in identifying the right channels to reach a specific audience and success in leading campaigns to drive awareness of our brand through those media. You have great situational awareness and judgment for what message you want in market and at what time.  
Product-led marketing: We believe that the best products market themselves, but that doesn’t happen without effort and intention.  As a marketplace product, Procurated has the ability to create network effects –as we collect more reviews, more review readers should be drawn in by the increasingly comprehensive insights on supplier performance. In turn, some of those review readers should become review writers, creating a virtuous circle. Creating these network effects will involve close collaboration between product and marketing. What will motivate more users to write reviews? How can we get users inviting other users to the platform? What will keep users coming back? The Head of Marketing will work with Product to answer these questions and uncover the best tactics to grow user acquisition, retention, and review writing through word-of-mouth marketing.  
Strategic business leadership: You can digest a broad range of inputs, find the right signals in the noise, and form a strategic go-to-market plan, both for your team to execute against and to help guide how the company can partner with you. In a B2B role, you’re working hand-in-hand with Sales on the go-to-market strategy, tactics, and resource prioritization. Market and customer segmentation, competitive analysis, and tactical planning and prioritization are all areas where you excel. Marketing is not just a set of tactics to you but coordinated actions that lead to the highest value business outcomes. You take a holistic view of our business and collaborate effectively with the founders, the executive team, and functional teams to drive the business forward with defined goals and outcomes.  
Growth and lifecycle: You see your role as driving growth and impacting revenue. You have experience managing performance marketing strategies and tactics and can allocate the appropriate budget to drive new customer acquisition while thoughtfully managing acquisition costs. You’ve established a demand generation and customer acquisition discipline in your prior roles, using internal and external resources.  You understand how to build a scaled model using LTV/CAC as a guiding metric. But you also don’t stop at acquisition. You thoughtfully develop the right onboarding experience in partnership with other teams (like Sales, Account Management, Customer Success) to ensure that your new users get started with the product and are successful. You continue to stay connected to existing customers through content and other experiences.  
Team leadership and management: You love to lead, coach, and mentor. You have a track record of attracting and retaining high caliber talent, especially for a business at our stage and maturity. You know how to set goals for each member of your team tied to outcomes, and you appropriately challenge your team to meet and exceed those outcomes. You bring an approach that fosters the ability to test, learn, and grow. Developing others is a passion. Qualified candidates will have experience managing a marketing budget and team. 
How we think: The Procurated team strives to constantly learn. We learn from our customers. We learn from our colleagues. We learn from experts who have solved challenges that we face. And we love to learn from reading. Below is a list of books we have read as a team or may in the future to give you a window into the way we think about our business and the world. 
Hiring philosophy: We have found incredible colleagues from a wide number of varied, non-traditional backgrounds and experiences. We look for brilliant people who can inspire us and work arm-in-arm with their teammates to rapidly grow our business. To avoid unintentionally filtering out exceptional candidates, we do not impose minimum thresholds of experience or education for roles in our company. The Head of Marketing will bring with them a level of maturity, business acumen and leadership necessary to lead one of the most important functions in the company during this growth period. They will have developed management skills necessary to recruit and lead a growing team of skilled marketers. They will have accumulated knowledge about one or more relevant industries, including but not limited to ratings and review platforms, multi-sided marketplaces or government technology.