Frequently Asked Questions

Why Procurated?

Through dozens of hours of in-depth interviews with procurement officials in state and local government, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and non-profits, we heard that the reference check process is largely broken. Purchasers explained that the references provided by suppliers today are often from cherry-picked customers who rarely have a critical word to say. These reference checks offer so few insights that some procurement officials report not even contacting the references. Procurated delivers candid, verified reviews to purchasers as a supplement or a substitute for vendor-provided references.

I want to write an honest review, but I don’t want the supplier to know that it came from me. Can I submit a review anonymously?

We understand. We sat in your chair and ran public procurement organizations. How much you want to tell review readers is up to you. If you want to use your name and organization, great. If you want complete anonymity, that’s fine too. Each time you write a review, you will be given the option to display your name and organization or to post the review anonymously.

What information should I include when I write a review?

We strongly encourage review writers to stick to the facts and avoid overly subjective or personal comments. The more factual information you provide, the more useful your review will be to your colleagues across the country who are depending on your insights to make their selection decision. The most useful reviews rate the vendor overall, and on four additional attributes: Cost, Quality, Service, and Timeliness.

How can I trust that the reviews on Procurated are legitimate?

We take tremendous care to ensure that every review is written by an actual government, education, or healthcare employee, including emailing them after a review is written to verify that the review writer is who he or she says they are. If you have any reason to believe that a review was written inappropriately, please send an email to support@procurated.com. All emails will be kept strictly confidential.

How can I use Procurated?

Procurated can be used for:

Vendor comparison.

During your procurement selection process, you can type in the name of the suppliers who responded to your solicitation and see which have the highest or lowest scores, as rated by your peers who worked directly with those companies.

Vendor directory.

By selecting your location and the category of goods or services you are searching, Procurated will generate a list of the top-rated suppliers in your city, region, or state. This is a great place to start when deciding who to solicit for an upcoming procurement. You can also look up vendors by different social and economic categories, including MBE, WBE and Veteran Owned Business Enterprises.

Cooperative purchasing decisions.

Since governments can award a contract to a vendor with a cooperative purchasing agreement, it may not always have a formal reference checking process baked into its decision. Users can access the Procurated ratings to check the past performance of their suppliers.

If you have found another great way to use Procurated, we’d love to hear about it. Email us at greatidea@Procurated.com.

I searched for a goods or services category in my area and there were no reviews available. Why?

We’re working hard, but we are just getting started. Every day hundreds of your colleagues from state and local government, education, healthcare, and non-profit offices across the country are providing honest reviews of their suppliers. Right now there are not enough reviews in every city to populate each category, so we are asking procurement officials in your area to write reviews so that we can provide useful information for every search.

We’d love your help! If you don’t see any reviews a supplier, select the ‘Request Reviews’ button. You can either ask us to help find reviews of that supplier for you, or, if you know someone who has worked with that supplier you can send them an invitation to join Procurated and write a review.

What are the central tenets of Procurated?

Why is it called “Procurated?”

Procurated is developed for procurement officials to be able to work with the suppliers that are rated highest by their fellow purchasing leaders. We married procurement and rated to produce Procurated. And since the tool will help you narrow your purchasing decisions down from many suppliers to a small number, we love the fact that Procurated provides you with a curated list, developed by and for procurement officials. If you ever feel like we fall short on any of these goals, please feel free to email our Founder and CEO, David Yarkin, directly at d.yarkin@procurated.com.

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