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Procurement is complex, but finding great suppliers shouldn’t be. Join thousands of public procurement professionals rating and reviewing suppliers on Procurated.


Three Procurement Challenges. One Powerful Solution.

Vendor Performance Management

Best-in-class public procurement offices reward good supplier performance and help poor performing suppliers improve. Procurated provides real-time end user feedback and customized dashboards so you get a full picture of vendor performance.

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Finding the Right Vendor

Procurated helps government, education, and healthcare buyers find businesses who have done outstanding work for public organizations like theirs. Our comprehensive vendor directory highlights top-rated suppliers in hundreds of goods and service categories, across geographic areas and socio-economic designations.

Understanding Vendor Past Performance

Access candid vendor feedback from thousands of government, education, and healthcare officials across the country during your selection process. Have a question about a vendor? In-app messaging lets you communicate directly with the review writer, privately and securely.

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Features That Matter

See all the ways we can help you find the best supplier for your needs

Built for You

With 150 years of public procurement experience, we built a tool to serve your unique needs


Procurated is and always will be free for our government, education and non-profit users.


Write candid reviews in confidence. Only your peers in procurement will see what you share.

100% Vetted

All reviewers are verified by our staff as actual government, education or non-profit employees.

Targeted Businesses

Find the businesses you need with small, MWBE or veteran owned designations.


Search filters for commodity codes and geographic service areas get you to the most relevant results.


Private message other review writers to get even more insight into their experience.

Anonymous Sharing

Choose to show or hide your identity each time you write a review.

Request Reviews

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